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Business support

Omicron Clinic assists companies in protecting the health and well-being of their employees. We offer education, vaccinations and screenings, as well as medical examinations on site or in our clinic. We work with you to develop a health assessment tailored to your organization's needs and resources. We are committed to maximizing the positive impact of our services within your organization.

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Omicron Clinic offers corporate vaccination campaigns to protect employees against Covid-19 and the flu. We plan the campaigns according to your needs and provide all necessary materials and vaccines. Our experienced nurses are responsible for administering the vaccinations. Protect your employees from contagion by organizing a vaccination campaign with Omicron Clinic.

Services available on request

Health check-ups

Complete health assessments by Clinique Omicron, ideal for the prevention and detection of physical, psychological and nutritional health risks, suitable for individuals as well as employees delegated by companies. Our assessments are carried out by dedicated family doctors and nurses, providing comprehensive reports to encourage better lifestyle habits and maintain optimal health.

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Awareness-raising workshops

Health awareness workshops by Clinique Omicron: ergonomics and prevention. Our webinars and in-company training cover essential topics such as cardiovascular risk, skin cancers, musculoskeletal disorders, sleep management, ergonomics and back pain prevention. Led by healthcare professionals, our interactive programs include Q&A sessions and individual or group consultations.

Services available at the clinic and on request

Pre-employment tests

Pre-employment examinations by Clinique Omicron for employers, guaranteeing the health and ability of candidates to fulfill job requirements without risk of illness or injury, particularly useful for positions involving repetitive movements or physical work, and for candidates with a medical history, helping to minimize the costs associated with occupational illness and injury.

Services available at the clinic and on request

Medical services for workers who must travel

Clinique Omicron travel health consultation for employees traveling abroad, ensuring optimum protection during business trips. Our team provides expert advice on preventing travel-related illnesses, and administers the necessary vaccines directly during consultations. For vaccines requiring multiple doses, follow-up appointments are organized to ensure complete vaccination. Ensure the health safety of your traveling employees with our dedicated travel health consultation service.

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To find out more about our services or if you have any questions, contact us at or call 514-606-3350. You can also fill out our contact form.