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Home care attendant

*The title of the job posted may be different from the one indicated under "Internal Title" to facilitate the job search with a title used in the market.

Description of the work

At Omicron, Home Care Attendants play an essential role in providing high-quality assistance services designed to enhance the autonomy and well-being of our customers. They work directly in customers' homes, building meaningful relationships and working independently. Responsibilities vary according to position, from providing routine personal and medical care to performing household chores and preparing meals. By embodying compassion and competence, Home Help Attendants make a significant contribution to improving customers' quality of life in their own homes.

Main tasks

Home care attendant

The main tasks of Live-in Caregivers / Homemakers include providing care to clients, such as assisting with walking and personal hygiene, preparing meals and special diets, assisting with feeding, providing routine medical care, and carrying out routine household tasks, such as laundry and washing up. Home Care Aides, on the other hand, are responsible for housework and domestic chores, meal planning and preparation, childcare if required, administering medication, adapting services to the person's abilities and psychosocial context, and preventing infection and contamination.

Training and access conditions

  • DEP in personal assistance in institutions and at home

Skills and characteristics

essential to the Omicron Clinic


Essential skills required to excel in the position include the ability to effectively gather relevant information, a customer service orientation, keen social perception to understand customer needs, excellent active listening skills to respond empathetically, speaking skills to communicate clearly, rigorous outcome evaluation to measure the effectiveness of interventions, coordination skills to manage tasks effectively, teaching skills to provide essential information to customers, effective time management to optimize productivity, sound judgment and informed decision-making, and critical thinking to solve complex problems and ensure the best possible quality of service.


Essential skills to excel in this position include strong oral comprehension, exceptional verbal skills for effective communication, high sensitivity to issues for empathetic consideration of customer needs, clarity of speech to convey information accurately, as well as excellent written comprehension to correctly interpret relevant information and documentation.

Knowledge and skills

To excel in this role, crucial knowledge and qualities include the ability to establish and cultivate strong interpersonal relationships, expertise in customer service and personalized service, unwavering integrity and honesty, discretion to respect customer confidentiality, natural friendliness to create a welcoming environment, exemplary attendance and punctuality to ensure reliability, respect for others in all interactions, availability to respond to changing needs, patience to show understanding for customers, and open-mindedness to adapt to diverse situations and specific customer needs.


Interests that are particularly relevant to this position include a passion for helping and counseling, as well as a deep desire to care for and assist people with the aim of supporting them in their well-being and independence.

Personality profile (RIASEC)


People of this type prefer to be in contact with other people, especially to entertain, help or educate them.


People of this type prefer to carry out concrete tasks and be physically involved in what they do.


People of this type prefer to have more responsibility, influence others and take on challenges.

Equal opportunity

At Omicron Clinic, equal opportunity is one of our core values. We work every day to create a corporate culture that gives everyone the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Through our Equal Employment Opportunity Program, we encourage all qualified individuals to apply for positions, and where applicable, to identify themselves as members of the following groups: women, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, aboriginal communities and persons with disabilities. Omicron Clinic adopts a broad and inclusive definition of diversity that goes beyond applicable laws and includes persons of sexual and gender diversity. Persons with disabilities may be accommodated in order to optimize their recruitment.