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A unique career opportunity

Expanded role training: Become a key nurse in Nord-du-Québec

Remote nursing practice in northern regions and aboriginal communities is a demanding and challenging field. Nurses working in these regions must be self-sufficient, competent and versatile, capable of providing advanced nursing care and making critical decisions in the absence of on-site physicians. If you're a passionate nurse ready to take on new challenges, Omicron's expanded role training can help you realize your full potential.

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If you already have a training account with Omicron Clinic, it means that you have already started or completed a training with us. You can access your account using your login information, which was provided to you during your initial registration. Your training account allows you to access all the courses and training materials you have enrolled in, as well as tools to track your progress and success. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your training account, please feel free to contact our support team for assistance.


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Answer the call from the North!

Discover a rewarding nursing career in Northern Quebec with Clinique Omicron. Our training, recognized by theAssociation des infirmières et infirmiers en rôle élargi du Québec (AIIREQ) prepares nurses to serve effectively in remote communities. This comprehensive program includes hands-on training tailored to the needs of these communities. Answer the call of the North today.

Training objectives

Our expanded role training for nurses is a unique opportunity to acquire the skills needed to practice nursing in remote areas. It enables nurses to develop professionally and become autonomous and competent in their practice. The training is recognized byAssociation des Infirmières et Infirmiers en Rôle Élargi du Québec (AIIREQ) and meets the standards and requirements of nursing practice in remote areas of Northern Quebec and Aboriginal communities.

Training autonomous, competent and versatile nurses for remote regions of Quebec

Training recognized by the Association des Infirmières et Infirmiers en Rôle Élargi du Québec (AIIREQ)

Develop skills in health care assessment, diagnosis, planning and follow-up

Offer practical and theoretical training focused on the needs of Aboriginal communities

Provide skills specific to nursing practice in remote settings, such as the use of treatment guides and autonomous decision-making.

Expanded role

Training program

Our expanded role training program for nurses includes 160 hours of training designed to prepare nurses for expanded role practice, enabling them to provide advanced nursing care in remote areas and in aboriginal communities. The training is regularly updated to reflect new practices in the profession.

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Training benefits

Expanded role training for nurses in the Far North offers a unique opportunity to advance in the profession and make full use of their skills by providing advanced nursing care in remote areas. The skills acquired during training enable nurses to work independently in difficult environments and make important decisions in the absence of physicians. The training is also recognized by theAssociation des Infirmières et Infirmiers en Rôle Élargi du Québec (AIIREQ)This ensures a high quality and standard of nursing practice in remote areas of Northern Quebec and Aboriginal communities. By completing this training, nurses will be able to contribute to the evolution of their profession while working with Aboriginal communities and providing accessible, quality health care.