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Expertise and Respect

Restore your self-confidence with areola tattooing

Cancer can have a devastating impact on a person's life, but restoring one's appearance can help restore one's confidence. Areola restoration tattooing is a technique that aims to revive the appearance of the breasts after breast cancer surgery. At Omicron Clinic, we are proud to offer a respectful and expert tattoo option for cancer survivors.

Regain your self-confidence with 3D nipple reconstruction

Restore your femininity with our 3D nipple tattoo technique

Breast cancer can cause significant and devastating physical changes for survivors. However, with 3D nipple reconstruction, it is possible to regain one's appearance and confidence. At Omicron Clinic, we are proud to offer this innovative technique to help breast cancer survivors regain their former appearance.

Our experienced staff understands the unique challenges you face and will work with you to create a 3D nipple reconstruction that looks like you. We use high quality pigment colors to ensure that the tattoo lasts as long as possible and remains vibrant.

3D nipple reconstruction is a non-invasive, painless option for regaining the appearance of pre-cancer breasts. If you are looking to regain your confidence, contact us today to learn more about our 3D nipple reconstruction services and to schedule an appointment.


How it works

Step 1: Pre-consultation

At Omicron, the first step of the 3D artistic tattooing procedure is a consultation to discuss the desired shape, color and texture of the tattoo, in order to obtain the most realistic representation that conforms to the patient's expectations and morphology.

After this exchange, the patient will be photographed, and a preliminary drawing will be made to determine the size and location of the tattoo on the breast(s). After validation, a careful choice will be made for the color, in order to offer a result as close as possible to reality.

Step 2: Tattooing procedure

During this step, the patient will be comfortably seated in an adapted chair in a semi-recumbent position. The tattooing itself is a quick procedure, as the fragile breast tissue cannot withstand long and frequent interventions.

The needles will be adapted to each desired effect, while the colors will be combined to create the desired trompe l'oeil effect with accuracy and naturalness. During the session, there will be an exchange and discussion to make the time pass more quickly. The result will be discovered in front of the mirror, for a complete view of the new appearance.

At the end of the session, recommendations will be given on how to care for the tattoo. The healing process lasts about 3 weeks and requires daily maintenance and following a few instructions. With these simple recommendations, the tattoo will take on its final appearance after about a month.

Step 3: Touching up the tattoo

This step consists of a second tattoo session to touch up the tattoo in case the evolution of the tattoo has changed the colors and contrasts. This may be necessary about 3 months after the first session, when it is seen that the colors have lightened by about 20-30%. Touch-ups may include changing the contrasts and a slight change in the shade of the areola.

Areola tattooing: confidentiality and professionalism.

The Omicron Clinic offers areola tattooing services in a confidential and professional manner. We understand that your privacy is an important concern, which is why we are committed to respecting your confidentiality during all stages of our tattoo service. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing you with superior care in a fast and safe manner. If you are looking for a reliable and professional areola tattoo service, Omicron Clinic is the perfect choice to meet your needs.

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