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Services available at the clinic and at home

Omicron Clinic offers both in-home and in-clinic professional foot care, performed by trained nurses. We offer customized care to meet your specific needs, whether you suffer from arthritis-related pain, diabetes or need nail reconstruction. Join us for personalized, quality foot care to ensure the well-being of your feet.

Professional care for healthy feet and light legs

The foot care that makes the difference: a personalized approach for optimal comfort.

Foot care for athletes

The Omicron Clinic offers treatments for athletes to prevent and treat plantar injuries. Take advantage of a personalized evaluation and treatments adapted to your needs, such as nail thinning, keratosis reduction and moisturizing cream application. Hygiene tips will also be provided for optimal performance on the field.

Diabetic foot, arthritis, arthrosis

Foot problems caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, circulatory disorders and diabetes can be prevented and treated with professional care. Our personalized assessment covers nails, keratosis and perspiration, with hygiene tips for better foot health. If necessary, we can provide a referral to a specialist for optimal treatment. Take care of your feet with us.

Pedicure/manicure nail reconstruction

A quick and effective solution to restore your nails to their natural appearance. With just 1/3 of a healthy nail, our certified foot care nurses can use LCN gel to rebuild the nail and give you a flawless appearance. No more damaged nails or appearance problems.

Quality care without compromise: that's our commitment.

Omicron Clinic prides itself on providing quality care without compromise. We bring our expertise and health knowledge to our clients to meet their ever-changing needs. Whether you need personalized care, want to improve the health and engagement of your employees as a business, or are looking for on-site services as a larger company, our team is here to help. We are on the cutting edge of innovation and adapt to our clients' needs