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Quality care

Soins à Domicile (SAD) by Clinique Omicron offers specialized nursing interventions as well as the services of personal care attendants (PAB), ensuring comfort and adapted care at home. Our nurses provide specific medical care, while our PABs offer day-to-day assistance. Together, they guarantee comprehensive, tailor-made care, right in your own home.

Home services

Vaccination at Home for Seniors by Clinique Omicron, offering comfort and safety in Quebec with a wide range of vaccines, from the standard vaccination schedule to specific vaccines such as those against influenza or shingles. Our nurses, in compliance with Quebec Immunization Protocols (PIQ)These services ensure safe, convenient vaccination right in your own home, tailored to the needs of the elderly; contact us to update your vaccination record or for more information.

Home services

Clinique Omicron offers specialized nursing services in the home, including accompaniment to medical appointments and assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Activities of Domestic Living (ADL). Our qualified and experienced nurses and orderlies offer advice on health and well-being, psychological support, and assistance with daily tasks. They work closely with physicians and other healthcare professionals to ensure quality care that meets individual needs.

Services available at the clinic and at home

Clinique Omicron excels in providing professional podiatric care, carried out by specialized nurses. Available both at home and in the clinic, our services are designed to provide customized solutions to a variety of problems, such as arthritis-related pain, diabetic complications, or nail reconstruction needs. Opt for a personalized, superior foot care experience with Clinique Omicron, where the well-being of your feet is our top priority.

Tax credit for home support for seniors

The Quebec government offers a refundable tax credit for people aged 70 or over who choose to remain at home and require specialized care, help with domestic chores or housekeeping services. This credit represents 35 % of eligible expenses, with a ceiling of 19,500 $ for independent persons and 25,500 $ for non-independent persons. SPCV can verify your eligibility for various government programs and insurance to help you reduce your expenses.

Financial assistance

Our home support services are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual. To help you fund these services, there are several financial aid programs that may be helpful. We are here to help you discover the financial aid available for our home support services.