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Pre-employment tests

At Clinique Omicron, we understand that assessment of professional suitability is crucial prior to hiring. Our pre-employment screening process provides a detailed analysis of candidates' current state of health, ensuring that they are physically and mentally fit to perform the tasks required. Our assessment protocols are designed to identify the skills and aptitudes required for the position, while taking into account potential job-related risks. Our questionnaires and tests are developed to the highest standards, ensuring protection and compliance for responsible employers.

Choice of tests

Adapted to the risks and needs of the job

Our approach to pre-employment testing is tailored to specific environmental hazards such as noise, dust and contaminants, as well as physical hazards such as lifting. We also tailor our assessments to the specific needs of each job, such as color perception. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive medical assessment that covers the candidate's overall physical condition, identifies potential physical problems and confirms the candidate's ability to meet the specific requirements of the job. Rely on our expertise to ensure a safe and suitable working environment for all employees.

Meeting the doctor

Our pre-employment exams are designed to thoroughly assess candidates' skills and suitability for specific positions. We implement a detailed questionnaire, tailored to the unique requirements of each job, ensuring that all candidates possess the necessary qualities to succeed. Our process includes an in-depth medical consultation to review the answers provided and carry out a full physical examination. 

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The suitability report and best practices

The suitability report, a crucial document given to the principal, assesses whether a candidate is fit for a specific job, focusing on health and safety without divulging a diagnosis unless necessary. Ideally, the employer should provide a questionnaire tailored to the risks of the task, with possible support from our OHS nurse consultants. The report is usually sent within 48 hours of the assessment.

The quality of our services is based on the ongoing professional development of our healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses. Regular training is anchored in our strategy to ensure excellence and up-to-date practices in compliance with labor laws and regulations. New doctors receive comprehensive initial training and regular updates to stay at the cutting edge of occupational health and safety standards, underlining our commitment to best practice and regulatory watch.