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Clinique Omicron Inc. exploite deux sites web principaux : and sont aussi considérées comme parties intégrantes du site, toutes les adresses relevant de ces domaines. Le site est accessible à tous les utilisateurs (ci-après, l’« utilisateur »).

By browsing the site, you agree to the following terms. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms, please do not use the Site. Clinique Omicron Inc. reserves the right to change this information at any time by updating this posting.

Limitation of liability

The texts, opinions, advice, information and data expressed or made available on the site or via hyperlinks are the sole responsibility of their authors and not of Clinique Omicron Inc. Site content and hyperlinks are provided for educational and informational purposes. They should not be construed as expert medical, professional, legal or other advice. The information, documents and images on the site are provided "as is" as of the date of the update displayed on the page consulted. Exploring the site and downloading documents and images from the site are therefore entirely at the user's risk.

Clinique Omicron Inc. does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Site, the content of hyperlinks and e-mail links provided on the Site. Clinique Omicron Inc. reserves the right to update or modify the Site without notice. Except where noted, Clinique Omicron Inc. intends to keep the Site current, but makes no commitment to update the Site on an ongoing basis. Should a user find an error on the site, please contact the site administrator. so that it can be corrected as quickly as possible.

Although Clinique Omicron Inc. takes all reasonable measures to ensure the security of the site and the protection of personal information on the secure portions of the site, use of the Internet and any problems that may result are the sole responsibility of the user. Clinique Omicron Inc. cannot be held responsible for the alteration of personal information, the breach of confidentiality or security of such information, or the loss of such information during its transmission by the user or during the user's use of the secure portions of the site.


The form and content of this site are protected by copyright and by Quebec, Canadian and foreign intellectual property laws. All information and documents accessible on the site are the exclusive property of Clinique Omicron Inc. The name Clinique Omicron, the domains and, as well as their sub-domains, the logos of Clinique Omicron and all its sites are the property of Clinique Omicron Inc.

The user is prohibited from reproducing for distribution, by any means whatsoever, the texts, computer codes, opinions, notices, videos, images, training modules, files and information contained, expressed or made available on the site. However, reproduction for distribution may be subject to a written request to Clinique Omicron Inc. Once approval has been obtained, the user must follow Clinique Omicron Inc.'s instructions in this regard. It is strictly forbidden for the user to sell or modify, for public or commercial purposes, the texts, opinions, notices, videos, images, training modules and information contained, expressed or made available on the site.

Security and confidentiality

In order to make its products and services accessible to the user, Clinique Omicron Inc. collects certain personal information only on secure parts of the site. This information is limited to that required for identification or payment by the user. It is always provided freely and voluntarily by the user.

Only authorized Clinique Omicron Inc. personnel have access to personal information collected on the site, for the purpose of making products and services available to the user. Clinique Omicron Inc. undertakes not to communicate this personal information or make it available to third parties without first obtaining the user's explicit consent.

Clinique Omicron Inc. implements reasonable physical and virtual security measures in accordance with industry standards to ensure the security of the site and the protection of your personal information on secure portions of the site. This includes the use of an encryption system for electronic and computer communications.

User code, password and security measures

At Clinique Omicron, we use a variety of technological products to optimize our operations and services. These tools include software for patient record management, billing, and other applications essential to our day-to-day operations. Each software product is selected for its reliability, compliance with safety standards, and effectiveness in the medical sector.

Software suppliers are chosen according to strict criteria, including their reputation, their commitment to data security, and their ability to provide regular and relevant updates. We are committed to keeping our systems up to date to ensure the best possible quality of service, while protecting the confidentiality and integrity of our patients' and employees' data.

Our collaboration with these suppliers enables us to ensure efficient and secure management of medical information, while complying with the legal and ethical standards in force in the healthcare sector.

User code, password and security measures

To access a secure part of the site in order to purchase a product or service offered by Clinique Omicron Inc. the user must identify him/herself and choose a user code and password. The user is solely responsible for maintaining and protecting his or her password. The User must immediately inform the site administrator any unauthorized use of its user code or password or any breach of the security or confidentiality of its personal information. It is the user's responsibility to take all necessary measures to ensure that the use of products and services is carried out under optimum security conditions.

Clinique Omicron Inc. shall not be liable at any time for any loss or damage resulting from the user's failure to comply with these obligations.


The user must provide the information required for payment of products and services purchased on the Clinique Omicron Inc. site.

It is important to note that all prices indicated on the site are in Canadian dollars and are subject to provincial and federal sales taxes. Clinique Omicron Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to update, modify and readjust the prices of its products and services.

Sample files

Clinique Omicron Inc. uses cookies on its site for three main purposes. A cookie is a small text file stored on the user's computer hard drive. It is harmless and does not contain viruses.

  • Browsing: A cookie facilitates site browsing by identifying your browser software from one visit to the next and from one page to the next during a session.
  • Secure sections : When you access a secure section of the site, a cookie is created to identify you and facilitate your navigation. If cookies are disabled, certain functions may not be available.
  • Traffic analysis: Clinique Omicron Inc. uses Google Analytics, which uses cookies to collect anonymous information on visitor behavior, such as the number of visits, the path followed on the site, and the duration of visits. This data is used to improve the site and tailor Clinique Omicron Inc. content to visitors' needs.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Quebec. Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be brought before the court of the judicial district of Clinique Omicron's head office, located in Longueuil, Quebec.