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*The title of the job posted may be different from the one indicated under "Internal Title" to facilitate the job search with a title used in the market.

Description of the work

Omicron Clinic receptionists greet patients and direct them to the appropriate physician or department. They also manage appointments, medical record requests and payments. They ensure that patients feel comfortable and informed when they arrive at the clinic, and that all administrative procedures are completed in a timely and efficient manner. Omicron Clinic receptionists are also responsible for maintaining an orderly and professional work environment.

Main tasks


Omicron Clinic receptionists are responsible for providing general information to patients in person or by telephone, providing security checks at the front desk and maintaining access lists, greeting and directing clients to appropriate services, scheduling appointments, accepting and recording payments and providing receipts, Arranging teleconferences, providing telephone relay service for persons with disabilities and recording call charges where applicable, answering telephones, screening and routing calls and taking messages, recording group reservations, responding to emergencies and performing clerical duties as required.

Training and access conditions

  • High school diploma
  • ASP (Medical Secretary Assistant) an asset.
  • Une expérience des dossiers médicaux électroniques, idéalement avec MYLE (un atout)

Skills and characteristics

Essentials at the Omicron Clinic


Key skills for Omicron Clinic receptionists include information gathering, speaking, reading comprehension, active listening, social perception, information processing, outcome evaluation, critical thinking, coordination, written expression, service orientation, active learning, time management, judgment and decision making, and teaching and learning strategies.


Key skills for Omicron Clinic receptionists include listening comprehension, verbal skills, speech recognition, clarity of speech, reading comprehension, writing, close vision, selective attention, and deductive reasoning.

Knowledge and skills

Key skills and qualities for Omicron Clinic receptionists include the ability to work under pressure, knowledge of the French language, autonomy, sense of responsibility, bilingualism (French and English) in speaking and writing, knowledge of customer service and personalized service, ability to work as part of a team, initiative, friendliness, respect for others and knowledge of office work.


Key interests for Omicron Clinic receptionists include working in sales or customer service and working in an office setting.

Personality profile (RIASEC)


Conventional people prefer to work on specific, well-defined tasks, and like to follow order and comply with pre-established rules.


Social people prefer to be in contact with other people, especially to entertain, help or educate them.


Enterprising people prefer to have more responsibility, influence others and take on challenges.

Equal opportunity

At Omicron Clinic, equal opportunity is one of our core values. We work every day to create a corporate culture that gives everyone the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Through our Equal Employment Opportunity Program, we encourage all qualified individuals to apply for positions, and where applicable, to identify themselves as members of the following groups: women, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, aboriginal communities and persons with disabilities. Omicron Clinic adopts a broad and inclusive definition of diversity that goes beyond applicable laws and includes persons of sexual and gender diversity. Persons with disabilities may be accommodated in order to optimize their recruitment.