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Social worker

*The title of the job posted may be different from the one indicated under "Internal Title" to facilitate the job search with a title used in the market.

Description of the work

The Omicron Clinic is a place where social workers help individuals and groups overcome the challenges of everyday life. They offer counseling and intervention services to meet a variety of needs, such as unemployment, racism, poverty and more. Social workers at the Omicron clinic are flexible and can visit clients in their own homes or at a suitable location to meet their specific needs.They help individuals improve their quality of life by offering them tools to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

Main tasks

Social worker

The main tasks of Omicron's social workers are to assess people's situations and problems, and determine the services they need. They counsel clients and help them resolve their social and personal problems. They develop and evaluate assistance, prevention and intervention programs, investigate cases of child abuse and neglect, and take appropriate protective measures. They intervene with client groups in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team, advocate on behalf of client groups in the community, and lobby for solutions to problems affecting them. They develop or advise on social policies, conduct social research, assist in community development, and provide mediation and psychosocial assessment services.

Training and access conditions

Skills and characteristics

Essentials at the Omicron Clinic


Key competencies of Omicron Clinic social workers include information gathering, active listening, oral expression, social perception, critical thinking, reading comprehension, coordination, written expression, service orientation, complex problem solving, judgment and decision making, active learning, teaching, outcome evaluation, systems evaluation, time management, negotiation, persuasion, learning strategies, operations analysis and human resource management. These skills enable Omicron's social workers to provide quality services and respond effectively to clients' needs.


The key skills of Omicron Clinic social workers include oral comprehension, verbal dexterity, written comprehension, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, problem sensitivity, clarity of speech, speech recognition, written expression, idea generation, information organization, classification, distance vision, near vision, selective attention, originality and time management. These skills enable Omicron social workers to communicate effectively with clients, understand their needs, solve complex problems and deliver quality services.

Knowledge and skills

The key knowledge and qualities of Omicron Clinic social workers include the ability to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, a sense of responsibility, the ability to work as part of a team, commitment, discretion, friendliness, the ability to lead a group, knowledge of psychology, knowledge of therapy and counseling, and knowledge of sociology and anthropology. These skills and qualities enable Omicron's social workers to understand clients' needs, communicate effectively with them, build trusting relationships and provide quality services.


The key interests of Omicron Clinic social workers include writing, communicating and informing, monitoring, advocating and securing, researching, helping and advising. These interests enable Omicron Clinic social workers to focus on clients' needs, understand social problems and provide quality services that meet those needs.

Personality profile (RIASEC)


Social workers at the Omicron Clinic have investigative interests, preferring to draw on theoretical knowledge before taking action. They enjoy observing, analyzing and solving problems. They have a natural curiosity to understand the underlying causes of social problems and are always looking for ways to improve situations. They are methodical and rigorous in their work, relying on data and facts to make informed decisions. Analytical, research and problem-solving skills are crucial to their day-to-day work.


Social workers at the Omicron Clinic have social interests, preferring to be in contact with other people, especially to entertain, help or educate them. They enjoy helping people solve their problems, improve their well-being and achieve their goals. They feel fulfilled when they can improve customers' quality of life, whether by helping them overcome difficulties or educating them on important subjects. It's this desire to make a difference in the lives of others that drives them to choose the social work profession.


Social workers at the Omicron Clinic have artistic interests, preferring to express their emotions and thoughts through various art forms. They like to use their imagination to understand clients' perspectives and help them express their needs creatively. They can use techniques such as art therapy to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Creative skills and artistic talents can also be used to design help and prevention programs that are attractive and effective.

Equal opportunity

At Omicron Clinic, equal opportunity is one of our core values. We work every day to create a corporate culture that gives everyone the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Through our Equal Employment Opportunity Program, we encourage all qualified individuals to apply for positions, and where applicable, to identify themselves as members of the following groups: women, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, aboriginal communities and persons with disabilities. Omicron Clinic adopts a broad and inclusive definition of diversity that goes beyond applicable laws and includes persons of sexual and gender diversity. Persons with disabilities may be accommodated in order to optimize their recruitment.