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Our social workers (SWs)

Our social workers (SWs) provide essential support to individuals and communities facing challenges, whether related to crises or everyday life. They design tailored strategies that build on personal and environmental strengths. Take advantage of our online or in-clinic social work services. Our services are available by online consultation via smartphone, tablet or computer, as well as in person at the clinic. Our TS assess your needs in relation to managing your emotions, anxiety or stress, whether for emotional or relationship difficulties. Interventions can be individual, couple or family-based. Our qualified TS offer support and assistance for any difficulty.

Available by teleconsultation or in clinic


Our dietitian nutritionists offer personalized online or in-clinic consultations to help you achieve your health goals. Whether it's for weight loss, chronic disease management, improving sports performance or optimizing your digestive health, they develop plans tailored to your specific needs. They'll provide you with healthy, sustainable recommendations for managing your condition. After a thorough assessment, they'll help you develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. If you can't make it to the clinic, we offer nutrition consultations by teleconference for easy access to our services. Benefit from personalized follow-up and practical advice on how to adopt better eating habits.

Specialized respiratory care

Respiratory Therapist

Our respiratory therapists offer specialized respiratory care to improve your lung health and overall well-being. In clinic or via teleconsultation, they assess and treat respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD and other lung disorders, including sleep apnea. After a thorough assessment, our respiratory therapists develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs, including education on inhaler use, breathing exercises and symptom management techniques. Our teleconsultation services facilitate access to quality care, reducing the need for travel.

A commitment to your overall health

People first

At Clinique Omicron, we put people first by offering specialized services to meet all your health needs. Our social workers, nutritionists-dietitians and respiratory therapists work together to provide you with personalized, comprehensive support. Whether it's managing anxiety, developing tailored eating plans or treating sleep apnea, our trained professionals are here to help you every step of the way. When you choose Clinique Omicron, you benefit from a holistic approach focused on your overall well-being, accessible in-clinic or via teleconsultation.

Service accessibility

You don't need a medical referral to consult our healthcare professionals. Our services, including those of our social workers, dietitian nutritionists and respiratory therapists, are covered by several group and private insurance companies (check your coverage). However, they are not covered by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ). Enjoy easy access to quality care tailored to your needs, without the administrative hassle. Contact us for more information on our services and accessibility.