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To meet your needs

Given the complexity and diversity of medical needs, the doctors at Clinique Omicron work closely with a network of specialist physicians. This interdisciplinary collaboration guarantees a comprehensive response to patients' specific needs, offering specialized, personalized care.

Please note: to consult a specialist, you must obtain a referral note from a general practitioner who you can consult without an appointment. 

Care and services

Expertise at your fingertips


Treatment and management of allergies and immune diseases.


Specialized care for diseases of the heart and circulatory system.

General surgery

General surgery consultations for many health problems.


Comprehensive care for skin, hair and nail disorders.


Diagnosis and treatment of digestive and liver disorders.


Specialized care for women's reproductive health.

Internal medicine

Management of complex diseases requiring in-depth medical expertise.

ENT (ear, nose and throat)

Specialized care for ear, nose and throat disorders


Treatment of diseases of the urinary system and male genital organs.

Omicron Clinic costs

Medical consultations at Clinique Omicron are covered by the Quebec health insurance card. You will not be charged any additional fees, except those specified by the Fédérations des médecins du Québec.

Costs related to other available services

Additional charges may apply if your doctor at Clinique Omicron recommends tests (e.g. blood tests, MRI), consultations (e.g. psychologist) or treatments (e.g. physiotherapy) not covered by the RAMQ. If you have personal insurance, these costs may be partially or fully reimbursed. At Clinique Omicron, you have the freedom to choose where to have these tests or consultations, whether in our clinic or in the public network, depending on your preference.